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Meet Our 

Hardworking Team

McLean Face and Body Spa offers unparalleled service from experienced spa professionals. We are committed to building rapport with our clients.

Spa Professionals You Can Trust

Take your self-care routine to the next level. Book a massage or facial at McLean Face and Body Spa in Northern Virginia. We work with an experienced team to help you unwind and feel great during and after each session. Check back on this page to read more about our staff.

Christine Fuchs, Owner/Managing Director of the Business

I came from a country where help is handy, an apparent contrast coming here in the States. As a mother of very young boys then, I struggled and visiting a spa was indeed my happiest place. I thought of owning one to ease and bring cheers to mothers like me who truly love their children and at the same time leaving some love for themselves as well.

My travels in multiple countries around the globe helped me understand and innovate just the right environment coupled with the highest level of quality services tailored to each of our clientele’s needs.

It is my honor to welcome YOU mothers, working or not, grandmothers, ladies and everyone who understand the need of self-care and love. (Don’t forget to bring your husbands as well.)

Our core is to make you feel good.



Meet ANGELINA DIAZ, an award winning aesthetician in Fairfax County.

Angie has been pursuing and achieving her passion in skincare for over three decades now. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly, she loves being a part of your everyday Self Love routine.

Angie teaches, trains and mentors new Aestheticians as her mission is to professionalize the beauty industry in general.

She prides herself in utilizing her European techniques performing wide, advanced and impressive array of facials and more. She specializes in toning and firming your skin.

There is an artist in her as well as she flexes her expertise as a sought- after make up artist.

She offers waxing services from eyebrows, legs to bikini wax!

A mother of three, Angie loves reading, going to the gym and riding her bike.

Angie can't wait to see you all at the spa soon!

Natsumi Moore

Natsumi hailed from Japan and is the sole daughter of a Shiatsu Master who passed on his passion and knowledge to her.

As a cheerleader of the Major Baseball League team Rakuten Eagles in Japan for many years, this led Natsumi to become a Professional Dancer and a Fitness Instructor with a core belief of self-care, healthy lifestyle and discipline of the body and the mind.

Natsumi is a licensed therapist in VA and her expertise includes Trigger Point Therapy, Passive Stretch, Neck/Cranial Relief and Release, Reflexology, Swedish, and Deep Tissue Massages. A unique talent combining the essence of the Western and the traditional Japanese touch.

Her goal is to share her heritage to her clients thus, help them heal, rejuvenate and live a full and healthy life.

Natsumi enjoys weight training, yoga, dancing and spending quality time with her daughter.

Jillian Munoz

“My name is JILLIAN, a proud addition to the professional team at McLean Face and Body Spa. I have been a massage therapist for over 4 years now and graduated from the fantastic local school: Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage in Falls Church.

My expertise includes general wellness, therapeutic and relaxation massages: Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point, Prenatal Massage and Swedish Massage.

I am extremely passionate about my chosen career. My goal is to aid my clients in relaxation as well as resolving pain and muscle tension tissues.

I also train new massage therapists who aim to improve their craft. In addition, I enjoy baking and painting."

Greg McCarty

We are excited to introduce GREG MCCARTY, an outstanding member of our professional massage therapists team at McLean Face and Body Spa. Greg's passion as massage therapist is working with clients and patients primarily to relieve pain, increase mobility and further aid in rehabilitation.

Greg believes in the growing importance of pain and stress management in today's fast -paced world. He also believes that even slight changes can yield tremendous improvement in his clients' everyday life. 

Greg is proud of his continued work in chiropractic and hospital environments provided doctor prescribed massage therapy for severe conditions such as whiplash, spinal surgeries, and P.T.S.D.

He is a Licensed and Insured Massage Therapist, with continuing education certification in diagnosing specific massage and mechanical therapies for neck and low back conditions.

In addition, his sports massage techniques, deep tissue massages and other relaxation modalities are exceptional.

Greg enjoys Team Trivia, loves writing and a budding Historian.

Greg holds a Bachelor's degree in English from George Mason University.

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